Oakdell Egg Farms - Pie

  • Bananas Foster Cream Cheese Pie

    A rich, indulgent dessert that has all the flavor of bananas foster in pie form.

  • Buffalo Chicken Quiche

    It’s quiche with a kick! We combined the flavors of buffalo chicken wings with quiche and pow, deliciousness.

  • Caramel Pumpkin Pie Cobbler

    Not sure what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner? Our Caramel Pumpkin Pie Cobbler adds a unique twist to a classic pie!

  • Cream Pie – Coconut or Banana

    Whip up a tasty cream pie for your next family function.

  • Egg Custard Pie with Praline Topping

    ‘Tis the season for pies! Old-fashioned Egg Custard Pie is a classic, simple dessert that only takes a few minutes to prepare and uses basic ingredients that you are sure to already have in the pantry. We added a twist, a delectable praline topping. The combination of sweet and creamy custard, combined with praline topping, makes this simple Egg Custard Pie a delight to eat.

  • French Silk Pie

    Who doesn't love the chocolatey goodness of French silk pie?

  • Southwest Egg Hand Pies

    These savory breakfast pastries are full of delicious southwest flavors. They make an easy hand-held meal that can be eaten on the go. Sure to be a family favorite.