Back-to-school Egg Breakfast Sandwich

The variations to this recipe are endless, perfect to please picky eaters!



Category: Breakfast



6 Oakdell Omega-3 Brown Eggs
6 English muffins
6 slices cheddar cheese
6 slices ham or turkey bacon
salt and pepper
optional: sliced avocado, tomato, or red bell pepper

Back-to-school Egg Breakfast Sandwich Directions

  1. Spray a muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. Crack one egg into each individual muffin slot.
  3. Cook eggs in a 350-degree oven for 15 minutes or until eggs are fully cooked through.
  4. Toast each English muffin and melt one slice of cheese per whole muffin.
  5. Cook turkey bacon and/or ham per package directions.
  6. Once all ingredients are prepared layer each ingredient on the breakfast sandwich.
  7. To store, wrap up each individual sandwich and stack in freezer once they have cooled completely.
  8. To serve, remove breakfast sandwich and warm up in microwave or oven.
  9. Add fresh vegetables, such as spinach or slices of avocado or tomato as desired.

Recipe notes

Other ingredients to add or substitute include: spinach, mushrooms, sauted onions, sausage, bacon bits or whole wheat bread.

If you’d like to cook vegetables, bacon bits or shredded cheese with the eggs, simply scramble each individual egg within the muffin tin and add desired ingredients. Then bake in oven per the directions.