Oakdell Organic Compost

What’s in your garden?

Our compost is the best. It’s the only organic poultry compost listed for and produced in Utah. Rich in nutrients and essential organic matter helping your vegetables, flowers, trees and lots grow beautifully. It’s chemical free and safe to use around kids and pets. And, unlike other brands, it has a fresh earthy smell.

“This is our fourth year using Oakdell’s Organic Compost at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. The compost has been great for our flower beds, tress, and shrubs. It keeps them looking healthy each year! We can always count on Oakdell’s Organic Compost to help us grow our beautiful 250,000 tulips for the annual Tulip Festival, and to make all of our thousands of flowers and plants look fantastic for the entire season.”
- Tori Latimer, Garden Manager at Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Did you know?

Oakdell’s organic compost is OMRI listed, registered for use in organic agriculture by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and tested and certified each year by Woods End Laboratories. It is not a potting soil and should never be used without mixing it with soil as directed.

Why should I use Oakdell’s compost in my gardens?

Compost can help your gardens, trees, flowers and grass grow more efficiently. It does so by helping with the following:

  • Progressively improving soil quality
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Increasing water retention in the soil
  • Reducing fertilizer demand

Physical Properties of Oakdell’s Organic Compost:

  • Medium to dark, rich brown color
  • Little, if any, odor (smells like fresh soil)
  • A more dense and heavy product, typically weighs between 30-40 pounds per cubic foot
  • No human waste (like from city municipalities)
  • Ingredients: local organic straw, wood chips and shavings, organic poultry manure and other carbon sources.

Where to buy?

Oakdell Organic Compost is available in many Utah and Idaho stores, as well as a few stores in New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. In addition to bags, some stores now offer a one cubic yard tote as well as bulk. To purchase compost in bulk call us at 801-298-4556.

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How much Oakdell Organic Compost do I need?

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